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Hi -
I live in Massachusetts and am looking for anyone who might have known, or is related to Costodio Sumares. He came to the United States (Somerville, Massachusetts) in the early part of the 1900's. He was my grandfather. My mother, Alice (who is now deceased) visited Madeira in the early 1980's and met some relatives.... But unfortunately I do not know who they were. I have found some cousins in California during my genealogical search. The biggest question I have is - did Costodio Sumares formerly from Jardim do Mar have any siblings? Costodio married Julia Martins from Canico. (I'm not sure if they got married in Madeira or in the USA).

If there are any Sumares's out there who would like to email me and chat that would be great fun to me. Actually it would be fantastic.


mary alice murphy


  • Hi's great to know that the name Sumares has reached the USA. I'm from Madeira...and most of my family is from Jardim do Mar... the name Costodio is familiar...but i don't know much about him....but if u'd like to know more i think i can get some information for u... i can ask my mom (Maria Teresa Sumares) if u're intrested...u know what 2 do!!! RoGeR (",)
  • Wow - just read your email, what a nice surprise. It would be great if you asked your mom to email me. I would love to find out all the info I can about my mom's family. I have two half-uncles on the east coast that I am close to, but other than that the only other Sumares' I have been in touch with have been a bunch on the west coast whom I have found through my genealogical searches. Also, since I do not read or write Portuguese I have not been able to extend my search to Madeirian records.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for seeing my posting.
    Have a good.

    PS. I live in Quincy, Massachusetts just outside of Boston.

  • Hi I have just seen your post on the Madeira site.
    My family is from Jardim do Mar, on my dads side we are Araujo on my moms side we are Sumares.

    Have you had any luck finding your family (Costodio Sumares). There seams to be a strange coincidence here my moms name is also Maria Teresa Sumares.
    I don't know who Rogerio Sumares is but I might recognise you if I see you, I do go to Jardim on holiday quite often. One of my uncles is a priest (Padre Sumares) he I am sure will know many of the Sumares Family. I seem to remember my mom saying that she never met one of her uncles as he had gone to America, this would have been at about the time your grandfather went. My mom is in her late sixties.

    Let me know if you still need help finding family members.
    I live together with my wife and daughter in Milton Keynes England.
    We could be family however distant.

    Luis Araujo
  • olá,
    Chamo-me Susana Sumares de Abreu, não sei escrever muito bem inglês mas vou tentar. Sou neta do José Pereira Sumares que vive no jardim do mar.
    Vou tentar explicar a árvore Ginecológica Costódio Sumares tinha três irmãos - 1º Justina Sumares 2º Costódio Sumares 3º José Francisco Sumares.

    1º Justina Sumares, já faleceu e tinha dois filhos 1º Ricardo Sumares 2º Justino Sumares, mas estes infelizmente já morrerão.
    2º Costódio Sumares, tive Alice e nõa tenho a certeza qunto filhos tive.
    3º José Francisco Sumares, teve dois filhos, 1º Isabel Sumares, falecida e não deixou filhos. José Pereira Sumares, tem cinco filhos.

    Porque tu és neta do Costódio Sumares, Costódio Sumares era tio de José Pereira Sumares, logo tu és prima directa do José Pereira Sumares.
    Ele é casado e tem 5 filhos, tem 88 anos e vive no Jardim do Mar e é mais conhecido por "Sumarinhos". A sua morada é Sítio da Igreja - Jardim do Mar, 9370- Calheta, Madeira.
    Espero ter ajudado e se tiver mais dúvidas contacte para o email
    Beijinhos Susana
  • Hi dear Mary Alice,

    Hi, I call Susana Sumares de Abreu, I do not know to write very well English but I go to try. I am granddaughter of José Pereira Sumares that lives in Jardim do Mar. I go to try to explain the Gynecological tree of Costódio Sumares, it had three brothers - 1º Justina Sumares 2º Costódio Sumares 3º José Francisco Sumares. 1º Justina Sumares, already it died and had two children 1º Ricardo Sumares 2º Justino Sumares, but this unhappyly already they will die. 2º Costódio Sumares, had Alice and I do not have the certainty how many children he had.
    3º José Francisco Sumares, had two children, 1º Isabel Sumares, dead and it did not leave children. José Pereira Sumares, has five children.

    You are granddaughter of the Costódio Sumares, Costódio Sumares was uncle of José Pereira Sumares, then you are cousin directa of José Pereira Sumares.
    José Pereira Sumares is married and has 5 children(all livings creature and married), he has 88 years and he lives in the Jardim do Mar and more is known by " Sumarinhos". Its dwelling is: Sítio da Igreja - Jardim do Mar, 9370- Calheta, Madeira.

    I wait to have helped and contacte for the email will be had more doubts
    Susana little kisses
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