Manuel Gonsalves Serrao

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Manuel was my grandfather. Born on Madeira Island, later moved to USA. Born around 1901. Any information?


  • Manuel's mother was Julia Jesus. His father was also Manuel. Born Aug 1, 1901. He lived in South Africa for a time and had family there. Later married Ada May Bray in New Jersey, USA on July 27, 1944. Don't know what area of Madeira he lived in or how old he was when he left.

  • Well, I am three years behind your post but perhaps you still are looking for information. I am researching my family of which Manuel Gonsalves Serrao is a part of. Frederico d' Olival married Maria d' Jesus Serrao. They left Sao Vicente, Madeira July 9 1883 aboard the British ship SS Hankow, arrived in Honolulu. Her parents Manuel Gonsaves Serrao & Maria Gomes were also aboard with her siblings . Her brother Luiz Eloy Gonsalves Serrao. Frederico & Maria d' Olival's son, Joesph Fernandes, was my grandfather. He married Rosa Perreira, or "Pereira". She was from Portugal, parents were Francisco Periera and Rosa Farias.
    Joseph Olival born 1/10/1890 died 2/21/1980, Rosa Perreira Olival born 07/04/1891 died 09/01/1986. They had 4 girls and 4 boys. Walter Van, Wilfred, Frederick, and Joseph Jr. Florence May, Agnes, Margaret, Hilda ( my mom)

    This is all I know so far. If you know of anything else please share, thanks.
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