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Dear All
I often wander if it is possible to find school collegues, here we go:
I frequented Escola industrial e Comercial do Funchal years 1959 to 1965
Does anyone remember me:
I am Rogerio Ferreira
Let us see what this website can do for me
Very grateful for any genuine replies
Kind regards


  • Hello Rogerio
    I attended that Escola Industrial from 1964 to 1967
    My last year was in Pintura Decorativa above the Gym
    Any memories?
  • Hello Domingos
    Very sorry for the delay I have just seen your reply,
    I do not remember you but there again there was around 1400 students at escola industrial at that time. But thanks for your message
    As a matter of interest where are you now ?
  • Hello Roger
    I left Madeira at the age 15, straight to Capetown, South Africa
    i been in Madeira last year, but i love it here.
    Are you in England?
  • Hello Domingos
    Thanks for your reply, its appreciated.
    I do my very best to visit my family in Madeira every year for 2 weeks, just been there for 2 weeks in January.
    Yes I am in England but ...... never forgoton Madeira and never will, I love it there but again when one has a family born in England its very difficult to move back to Madeira, unless you leave them behind. not on really.
    Keep in touch perhaps let me have you e-mail addresss
    kind regards
  • Hello Roger
    It's a pitty that other "Estudantes velhos" didn't replay to your message,
    it will be nice to hear from others, what they been up to, if my spelling
    is not up to scratch, excuse me, i never went to English School
    My E-Mail address
  • Hello Rogerio, I was at ESCOLA INDUSTRIAL E COMERCIAL DO FUNCHAL, from 1956, to are some of the teachers that we had at that time ,see if you can remember, dr. Mata,dra. Helena Basto Machado, also some friends like,Rogerio de Abreu and his brother Renato, Lourenco (SEMINARIO),Gastao Dinis,Guerra, and many others, let me know if you remember any of these persons.


  • Hello Jose Manuel
    Thank you for your response not sure if I knew you then but do I remember those you mention, yes I do very well.
    Others you must remember:
    Fernando Ferreira professor the ginastica
    Rebelo Quintal advogado professor the direito
    O Pintinho professor the portugues
    O tabaqueira continuo tinha uma filha na escola muito bonita mas valia a pena ter um sogro tabaqueiro so para namorar a filha dele.
    O Aquino aluno ,O Cabral dois irmaos tinham muito geito para desenhar
    Come to think of it I have somewhere here in my house since 1966 when I fixed residence in England a book which must have authographs of 50 or more of our time I will try and find it and let you know
    Nice to her from you lets hope other people also come forward and lets go down memory lane.
    Let me have you e-mail address please
    Kind regards
  • Hi , Rogerio, sorry to reply so late, but I only go to this page once a week, talking about the Cabral brothers the eldest one was my (turma) classmate next to me was Jose manuel ferreira the athlete that was a running champ he went to run in Portugal for Sporting, we can talk about old times forever, I will give you my E-MAIL so we can talk more in private, my E-MAIL adress is joemark, I will be waiting for your reply.


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