Vieira - Ginjas, Sao Vicente

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Hello, I'm writing because I live in the US, but my daughter's biological father is from Madeira. Although many of her aunts, uncles, and nieces/nephews reside in London, England, I believe her paternal grandmother, Maria de Sousa Vieira, still lives in Ginjas. We have not been in touch with my daughter's biological father, Pedro Simao de Sousa Vieira, since early 2002, but I would appreciate any information anyone has regarding him or his family. Thank you!


  • Hello Jamie,

    I know this family, they used to be my neighbours when I was a child in Ginjas.
    I talked to my mum who still lives there and she told me that Pedro has lived in England for some years and is now back in Madeira with his mum.

    Some corrections: Maria is Pedro's sister - we grew together and I still see her when I go back on holidays. Pedro's mum is called Paixao de Sousa Vieira.

    Let me know if you want to know more about him.

  • My email address has changed since I posted my original message over three years ago - I can now be reached at Does anyone know if Pedro is still living with his mother in Ginjas? What is his current contact information? I received his cell phone number from an English woman named Helen a few years ago, but only spoke with him a few times before we lost touch again.
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