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i have this recipe for cooking and it calls for a madeira wine but is not specific on what type of madeira wine to use. the recipe is for the turkey gravy and i need to know asap. so please help. thank you


  • Take the medium dry (3 or 5 year old)
    Enjoy your meal, bom apetite!
  • What is an inexpensive (madeira wine )to purchase from the grocery store.

    Thank you,
  • I had used madeira wine for cooking at a Thanksgiving family dinner approximately 3 years ago. I knew nothing about that wine, except that my Turkey Gravy recipe called for it. I purchased a bottle at (I think Walgreen Drug-Liquor Store in Orlando). The gravy was out of this world! I recently shopped for another bottle for this past Thanksgiving Holiday, and cannot find anything locally, even the salespeople are not familiar with it. If you find it in our area, please let me know. Thanks.
  • hi, I am from England and I am trying to find out if you use Madeira wine in Madeira Cake, what gives it that special taste over ordinary sponge, if anyone can help on this please, please help.
  • Hello! I have a recipe for gravy that uses madeira wine. After searching the
    internet, I have found that there are many different types....dry to sweet.
    Can anyone tell me which would be best for gravy? Thanks!
  • Hi jsport2_9,

    For gravy, dry works best.
  • Would that be sercial, the dryest, or would bual work? Thanks
  • Hi again jsport2_9,

    I think Sercial is best, because Bual is medium sweet. However, if you have Bual at home, you can try and see.
  • You're welcome!
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