Wishing to make contact with my father John Snape

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I am looking to make contact with my father John Snape. I know he lived in Madeira approx 18 years ago and was in the hotel business. I lost touch with him and really would like to get in touch or hear any news about him.


  • Hi Katie, I knew John very well in the late 80's, the last contact being with his friend Chris Patterson who to my knowledge still lives in Canhas Madeira. At the time he was involved in the timeshare industry and as far as I know went to mainland portugal.There is a website perhaps aptly named as Crimeshare where ex timeshare personel can be found. Hope this is of help
  • Hi Don

    Thank you for responding to me so quickly, I really appreciate it. I will look into the website you mentioned, but are you still in touch/or could you get in touch with this friend Chris and see if he has any information regarding contacting John, or is prepared to pass my details on to him.

    I would love to hear about any information that anyone knows about John, as I feel it is a part of my life that is missing. John was married to my mother, but they split up very early on in the marriage. I did have brief contact with John in the 80's, but I lost touch with him and now would like very much to change that.
  • Hi Katie, I tried the wesite www.crimeshare.net to try and locate John without success, although it may be worthwhile you putting a similar posting there. From memory when timeshare first started in Madeira, the first major company in 1986 was the Madeira Beach Club situated in the then Sheraton Hotel(now Carlton) where he primarily worked,but a group of salespeople left to start up the Regency Club,your father being one of them.Creating an opposing company was more or less war on the streets in those days the only common ground being the socialising at No2 bar when not working. He then was in cohoots with a couple of mainland Portuguese men along with Chris to form another company based at the Duas Torres hotel to market aptly named the 3 towers project. It was about that time that he left Madeira supposedly with the portuguese people to richer pickings on the mainland. I think at the time Chris also left but being married with a family returned to the island to live in a family home in Canhas region. Of the original gang of 50 or so back in those days to my knowledge only 5 possibly remain on the island. Sadly I left Madeira myself only a couple of years ago and have no direct contact with any of them.John was a strong personality in more ways than one and would be remembered had you known him but in those days only the fittest and best survived. I wish you well in your search but perhaps if you sent me your email address I could fill in any other details I remember without displaying them on the forum. With that in mind I have asked for replies to this thread to be sent by email
  • Hi Don

    I too tried the crimeshare website and I have emailed the editor to put a similar message on the site, but as yet it has not appeared, not sure if I did it correctly though.

    I would really like to gain more info and have no problems in contacting me directly steveandkexy@tiscali.co.uk

    Thanks for your help so far

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