Wheelchair or Mobility scooter hire

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My wife Ann and I own a timeshare week at the Alto Lido and we used to enjoy our annual visit to Madeira. We have not visited now for ten years since Ann suffered a stroke which has limited her mobility and have used the timeshare exchange through RCI to holiday closer to home, where I can take Ann's mobility scooter with us in our van. We would dearly love to come back to Madeira and take up our week at the Alto Lido but would need to be able to hire a wheelchair or a mobility scooter for Ann. Are these available for rent in Madeira? How is Funchal for mobility aids for the disabled such as toilets and drop kerbs?


  • Hello I think the easiest way may be to bring your own chair, but Madeira paths are very uneven with tree roots and loose slabs. Although people here are concious of less mobile needs, Madeira can be difficult to get around
  • Has any one the name or Email address of scooter hire places on the Island, I have tried to find one, but I get the impression that they do not exist. I would welcome any comments?
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