book called' Families of Madeira"

edited December 1969 in Family and Friends
does anyone have a copy or know where I might buy one? Its very old and lists the families in madeira back to the 1400's. Our family is in that book.
I would love to have it for my family.
Please email me if you know.
Thank you!


  • Did you find the book?
  • I did not find the book, our family is in that book and we have some copies of pages out of it but have no information about it except that one gentleman said he had at one time seen it in a bookstore on Funchal. Nothing more.
    If you know of a way that I might buy the book, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you!
    Robin Tello Pehle
  • hello..have you tried the Archives at Santo Antonio on the outskirts of Funchal in Caminho dos Alamos/9000-064 FUNCHAL. mr fernando ferreira..UK.
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