Paragliding in Madeira

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Was hoping that some English or English speaking Paragliding Pilots could contact me,as soon i will be moving to the island and would like some local knowledge on the flying sites on Madeira.
Many Thanks Matt!!!


  • Hi Matt,

    have a look at

    Regards - Anton
  • Thanks for the info ,have had some contact with Madeira Paragliding before and did not find them overly helpfull,although i have heard some good things about them from other people.Was really wanting to find out where the locals fly from ,ie different takeoffs for various wind directions and safe landing zones.If anyone can help i would be very gratefull.Regards Matt!!
  • Hi,

    I am glad to see this topic here. Me and my husband Mattias is going to move to Madeira next week and i think that Mattias would love to try paragliding. It would
    be funny to suprise him with this. Is it expensive to try paragliding?
  • hi matt,

    with help from babelfish ;-)

    Regards - Anton
  • Thanks Anton will do,Regards Matt.

    Hello Matilda,in the uk Paragliding can be quite expensive,for the training that is,Im not sure if Madeira Paragliding offer training ,i think they offer flying holidays for qualified pilots only.Although i would not hurt to Email them and ask if they can provide a tandem flight for your husband,which by the way he would love.
    My mother just had her first flight in the french alps and was smiling for a week.
    If when i get to Madeira at the end of the year with my wife ,your husband is very welcome to contact me and i can show him what its all about.Regards Matt
  • Anton,thanks for the info .What a great web site.Did not know there were so many great flying sites.You have made my week.Regards Matt.
  • Matt At Arco da Calheta there are paragliders in the sky on what seems like a daily basis. I think they take off near the Miradouro and probably land at Magdalena do Mar.
  • I've seen Paragliders around the Praia Formosa. They start from a cliff at Ponta da Cruz.
  • Thanks for the info,will be put to good use.Regards Matt.The sites look fantastic
  • Hi Guys,

    If you want to fly in Madeira you can always check us out:

    For the moment we are making tandems for everyone and giving courses to the local, but in the near future, many more exciting things will be possible ;)

    Stay tuned. - A tribute to our island, our best flight till today in the North Coast of Madeira!

    All the best,

    Rúben G.T.
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