english wine merchant - william NEWTON - 1800s

Hi. One of my gggg grandfathers brothers was said to be "a wine merchant in Madeira married a Londoner".
This information comes from a notebook that was written in the late? 1800s.

The man in question was William NEWTON, baptised(born) 1801 in Broadwey, Dorset, England, son of Samuel NEWTON & Elizabeth (NOAKE) of Branscombe, Devon, England.

Does anyone know if there are any records for the 1800s for merchants operating in Madeira, either based there or in England. Or if any other ecords exist that may mention William. I am not sure if he lived in Madeira or just operated from England.

Many thanks, Robert Newton


  • On the homepage at the bottom is a link for 'history'
    There it tells how, in detail that the vinyards came to be and who was involved.
    It does mention Frances Newton as a title link.
    I hope this is helpful!
    Robin Telo Pehle
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