I shouldn't have opened this one!!!

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Dear Madeira Drinkers,

I just opened a 1877 Shortridge & Lawton Co. Vintage Sercial bottle No.1. The cork is right for a 1950's bottling similar to the 1818 Blandy's bottle.

The fragrance is incredible, like a sweet subtly smokey moscatel. The color in the glass is bright, clear, and oranger than honey. Like the colour of caramel on creme brulee. The nose is of light citrus like mandarin orange peel.

The wine is dry but the feel on the palate is wet and sweet. It is very much like the 1818. I never thought I would taste another that one; a Sercial that had an implied sweetness for such a dry wine. The 1877 is very light and delicate, where the 1818 had much more depth and body through the whole bottle. Finally, the 1877 has a delicate smokey citrus tangy that is like a lemon drop, but not as sweet or sour.

It is wonderful. I will post more later.

Best Regards,


  • Hello Madeira Drinkers,

    This wine is truly great. Smoooth, hot but not too hot, and mildly acidic but not bitter. Nicely smokey, it smells old. The nose is still strong. I love the smell as I pull the cork out. Again it reminds me of something, like a dry old attic. The fragrance is still sweet and flowery. The drip left in the glass smells vaguely like a beach fire.

    The palate is never overwhelmed by this wine and it leaves me utterly satisfied. I can not adequately describe the contented feeling I have as I sip this wine on a rainy Northwest day (Canada). It does not tax the senses but leaves them fullfilled.

    What a difference between this heavenly 1877 Sercial S & L, the fading,thin dry 1875 Sercial Grabham/Blandy's, and the atypical thick, darkly brooding and sweet 1905 Sercial by Welsh Bros.

    Then there was the grand wine of them all the 1818 Grabham/Blandy's Sercial Solera, as other writers say a benchmark wine. In one word "complete".

    If there are any more revelations as the bottle finishes, I will try my best to put the experience to words.

    Best Regards
  • Silky cool, refreshing. That is how the lower depts of the bottle are evolving. The wine pours much darker now, but not turbid or murky. It is crystal clear majogany with a greenish rim. The forification is fading into the background as an understated element of the body of the wine. The body remains full, smooth and pleasing.

    The acidity is crisp and fresh like green apples. The finish is short but memorable for a tangy, hint of smoked lemon zest flavour.

    All in all it has been a five star experience to drink this wine.

    The best to you all,
  • Hi Karen
    This is a most odd request, especially as I know very little about the Madeira wines.
    By Chance I discovered that it was my great great Grandfather Edward Lawton.
    That Imported from Madeira. Just a long shot but do you still have the Bottle? Would be good as keep sake and especially as my son will get married in a year or two. Many thank Vic Lawton.
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