Rustic Furniture for sale

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Excellent handmade and carved solid (very heavy) "Saman" furniture for sale. Made by the "Cottage Company" and crafted from recycled beams and timber of Colombia in South America. Limited quantity available in stock. This is furniture ideal for country cottages or for the rustic feel. I bought a large quantity of this furniture as an investment into cottages to rent and as office furniture. Office closing down and have excess furniture.

To see the type of furniture available please got to (never mind the "under construction" notice). Just click on the sections to see images of the furniture. You can also see some of the furniture "live" at our shop in Lugar de Baixo.

CD of better quality images and list of available furniture in stock with prices can be sent to your address.


  • I have the above for sale ,asking 350 EUROS,buyer to collect,bought in MARCH 06.Colour BLUE with small YELLOW flower pattern.Consists of-2 chairs and sofa that converts to a bed.Paid 525 EUROS.I live in CANICO.
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  • Opa es muito caro??
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