Bual 1860 Madeira Bottled by Blandy's

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I inherited a bottle of Bual 1860 (Bottle 172 of 600). Liquid level approximately midway between bottle neck and wax seal (which is intact with no leakage evident). Don't know when it was bottled or much about the bottle's history.

Any information anyone could share with me about the wine, its care and value?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Sherman Farnham


  • Hello,

    The 1860 vintage was well represented in the Sercial grape by most of the well known producers. Bual by the Madeira Wine Association, Malmsey and Terrantez by lesser known producers and a 1860 Verdelho by the South Side Madeira Association.

    Your wine is probably by Blandy's? It should be a very nice wine. Buals are sweet and smokey, can by deliciuosly tart like hard lemon candy or candied citrus rind. Buals can smell sweet like fressia or hot and smokey like an ocean beach campfire. Mr. Broadbent said of this wine; "highly aromatic bouquet and tatse. Initial sweetness, very dry finish." He gave it **** stars.

    Value is relative right now. Retail prices are quite high right now. Auction estimates are also getting high. There are no 1860 Buals available right now. I would think 400 - 500 retail but you would be very hard pressed to get that on ebay.

    I would suggest that you open the bottle for a special occassion. A fine dinner etc. it has a sweetness level that is usually reserved for after diner wines.

    Cheers Karen.
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