Very Old Henry Dru Drury/Power Drury Madeira

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I just opened an old bottle of Power Drury wine that I acquired at a Danish auction. The label reads:
Sole Successors to Henry Dru Drury & Co.
Madeira Est.1814


It has a Danish Excise label T. Jespersen & Co. Kobenhavn (Jespersen was a wine importer)

I believe that it is a Sercial. That and it is very, very old. The cork broke disintegrated, but the top was stamped Drury Madeira.

It is very dry and light. I would almost say like a Rainwater but I know that very few places outside of America use that term. That is why I am inclined to say this is a very old wine. I do not know how to interpret the label. Barrel 7328? If the wine was bottled in 1900 then the cork would be 100 years old? (I think it is about 60-70 yrs old) SPL?

Any way. The wine is faded, Tart, dry and has little nose. THe rim of the glass is clear. The wine itself is straw yellow. There is a hint of burn on the way down and a smokey aftertaste. It is quite storong in the strenghth of the fortification as I am feeling the wine after 3/4 of a glass.

This could very well be a wine that is close to two hundred years old. If it is, then it is more of a curiosity to be drinking it, as opposed to drinking a wine of higher quality and having an out of this world experience.

I will post again if there are any more revelations deeper in the bottle.

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  • Hello,

    More on this wine. It does not have the racey zing of a Sercial deeper in the bottle. I am inclined to say it is a Verdelho but I do not have much experience with Verdelhos. The nose is a muted caramel and the taste is very delicate and ghostly. It is generically acidic with a hint of anise. It has a cool somewhat watered down flavour.

    As I said it is interesting to drink but not the best wine by far.

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