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Hi All
I am coming over to Madeira for the 4 th visit at the end of this month to look of a permanent home for myself and my family, Jayne my wife and our 3 daughters in the Calheta, Ponta do sol area.
I would appreciate any tips or pitfalls on moving and would really like to meet any ex pats from England while im there.
Im finding it really difficult to get information about secondary schools, are there any in the area we want to live or do the kids commute to Funchal every day?
We don’t speak Portuguese yet although we are learning so will the kids fit in? they are 15.12.11.years.
I am coming with my eldest daughter Gemma this trip leaving Jayne and the others at home, Gemma would love to meet any teenagers of her age 15 while we are in Madeira.
Or they could e-mail her.
Thanks John


  • Dear John

    If you contact me at the newspaper I can put you in contact with other expats. Also you may like to contact the AFPOP rep here and his number can be found in the newspaper too. AFPOP is the association for foreign residents living in Portugal and meet up every month. You do not have to be a member to come along and it is an ideal way to meet other expats living on Madeira.

    As for your children there is a British school here called Escola Britanica and is run by a Mrs Farrow. Fairly recently they moved to bigger premises and are now able to take children well into their teens.

    Calheta and Ponta do Sol are super areas to live in, but you would have to commute to Funchal everyday if you were to send your children to the British School. I live in Ponta do Sol and until last year my two children (13 & 15) attended the local secondary school here. Without going into detail I took them out of that school and they are now continueing their education back in the UK.

    Good luck with your move.
  • Hi,

    I',m also considering moving to madeira possibly next year my daughters are 12,9,6, would really love to hear how you get on .

    my personal email is

    my inlaws live in canico and have recently put their children in to main stream portuguese schooling which seems to have worked for them.

    I have heard that the international schools are very expensive and the children don't really get to mix with other portuguese children not sure if this helps drop me a line .
  • hi Byford and sunshine! i've recently been to Madeira enquiring about schools although i'm origionally from Madeira i've lived in London for most of my life, my children are 6 and 11 i'm thinking of moving there, what they told me at the local secondary school is that you need an official letter from your current school also if they've finished primary you'll need an official document or letter stating the fact, If possible get them authenticated by the English consulate and translated into Poruguese this will help immensly, should you need help in translation i could possibly help, the other obvious documentation would be ID this could be passport, birth cirtificate etc. if you'd like any help email me on (
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