1915 Bual Coheita LMR (L.M. Rodrigues)

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I seem to be drinking a lot lately. Oh well at least it's good stuff!

So this bottle is the 1915 Coheita LMR stenciled bottle (L.M. Rodrigues). I had an unusual impression in the wax seal; "DI" monogram, in a square.

This wine is brilliant. The sweetness is expressed in fabulous long legs and a golden mahogany colour. The nose is of complex florals and demerara sugar. High,sweet and acetone, but never unpleasant . There is no licorice or anise anywere. It is a hot and high toned firery liquid, but where there is fire there is no smoke. The acidity is more like acetic acid (vinegar) and not citric (lemon). So imagime a sweetened malt vinegar or an old dark Sauternes that is slightly oxidised.

There is also a fascinating contradiction that this wine poses; it is very sweet but the finish is dry like a Sercial.

I can not recommend more, that Madeira should be tried at least once in a life time. Which varietal to try is debatable dependent on the palate of the reviewer. I am partial to the Sercial and Terrantez varietals. I concentrate on collecting certian house styles and the madeiras of the 19th century.

As always, the bottle evolves as it is poured, so as it goes I will post more if it warrants comment.


  • Hello,

    Down to the last glass and this bottle was terrific all the way. Very well integrated, so much so that it has been difficult to pull out the acidity and sweetness to analyse the components. As I mentioned the acidityt is more like acetic acid, but it is not unpleasant in any way. The alcohols are very high toned like acetone and play in the sweetness but not in the nose. The complex smokiness of the Madeira is not particularly evident and is more like charred sugar.

    I really like this wine. I am curious if the bottlings that have the jnv/ref seal stamped in the red wax capsule are of the same botling. I think there were some bottled by Cossart Gordon.

    Another fine experience and I hope you enjoy my notes. I also hope they inspire you to try Madeira Wine.

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