1898 Henriques & Henriques Sercial Solera

edited December 1969 in Madeira Wine
There is a particular bright, fruity floral bouquet to really good Sercials.

The nose of the first pour of this wine is full of tropical blossoms much like passion fruit or the sweet fragrance of the Moscatel grape. This Sercial is bitingly dry, the forification rather thin and high toned. There is no sweetness on the palate. The wine is very well integrated between the acidity, the nose and the mild smokiness of the body. The acidity is more toward that of fine balsamic. Visually the wine is amber with a hint of greem tinge rim. This wine is cheery and summery.

I really like this wine. It is very drinkable and not overly alcoholic. Sercials are always my favorite varity and I would definetly replace this bottle.

Merry Cristmas and good new year to all who enjoy Madeira.


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    So deeper into the bottle, the fine high alcohols and florals have given way to dry heat. The smoked caramel is nicely bitter and complex. I am always intrigued by how Sercial can be so acidic and yet alluded to sweetness. This wine has very nice light and refreshing, satisfying balanced palate.

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