is there anybody out there?

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hello there,i am living in bournemouth(england)and still have familia living there does anyone know them?
i am 18 and my parents are from madeira. my fathers name is jose concalves dos santos and my mothers name is maria conceicao pereira dos santos.
if you have any information please e-mail me at:-


  • I myself have a "dos santos" name as a middle name. The Dos Santos surname is quite common so even this dos santos does not know of your parents. Do you have more details ? Where do they work, or live ? Do you want their telephone numbers ?
  • thanks for your help so far!!!!now more specifically do you know my cousin marco davido dos santoshe lives caminho velho da ajuda
    i have never met him before
    i don't know how old he is or whether he is a cool guy or not?
    can you answer this!
    if so e-mail me at
  • Hi, do you by accident know Miss Juciara Concalves dos Santos living somewhere in Germany ?
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