1937 D'Oliveiras Sercial

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Hello Madeira Wine drinkers,

I opened this bottle this evening. The nose from the bottle and glass is muted however when this wine hits your palate it is huge. This Sercial is very full bodied and complex. The acidity is drying and astringent but has the odd Sercial characteristic of implying sweetness. The bouquet is grapey and floral as the wine opens up in the glass. The colour is mahogany right to the rim. The smokiness is completely integrated into the body of the wine. It is fragrant like the fall burning of fruit tree branches. The fortification is burried in the layers of the estufagem process that brought this wine together. It is heady stuff. I have in previous posts compared the acidity to known foods. This wine hints of tomatoe fruit acidity. I wish I had a bowl of pistachio nuts to accompany my glass. I have no critisism of this bottle. If she were a woman she would be Emma Thompson.



  • Hello,

    This wine has been consistent throughout the bottle. It is bold, well constructed and full bodied. This 1937 Sercial will be a hundred year madeira for sure. It will take at least that long for it to develope some sublty. I am going to replace this bottle and do a side by side tasting with my 1820 Henry Dru Drury bottle.

  • The last part cracked me up, can't wait to try this one!
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