my grandparents

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my father was born in Madeira in 1891 IN funchal at 31 rua da Saudade,Santa Luzia.his parents were Joao Ferreira Junior,born at Camara de Lobos in 1853 and his mother was Carolina da Conceicao Ferreira.maiden Freitas born at Calheta in 1871.
i am try to find out when they died and where they are buried..if there are any madeiran families who remember my relatives i would be so grateful.Mr fernando ferreira..


  • Hi Mr Fernando Ferreira

    I'm sorry to say that as Madeira is an island, space comes at a premium, so it is unlikely that their graves are still there, the space would be reused, unless paid for by relatives.

    If you want to find out when João Ferreira Júnior or Carolina da Conceição de Freitas died, you can get their birth certificates and it will state on their more than likey when and what they died from in the margins, and when they married possibly too.
  • hello Santos..thanks for the reply and infomation.i do have both their birth registers and there is nothing in the margins.maybe i could try to find out from the towns they were born in. i do have a contact name of a researcher at the births.marriages and death offices in Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian..Funchal.thanks again. Fernando
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