18th Century Joao Carlos D'Aguiar

edited December 1969 in Madeira Wine
Into the heady realms of the 18 century. This wine is incredibly well preserved. It was apparently recorked in 1950. It is a beautifully clear golden medium amber with light legs. It is cool on the palate, high toned alcohol fortification that is totally smooth and integrated. It is not recognizable as a pure varietal of Madeira. It has balanced aidity, smokiness, sweetness and body. More towards the Verdelho and Sercial end of the spectrum, with the implied sweetness of caramelized wood and sugar. The boquet is fresh and woody with early spring florals. The palate is also stacked with florals. Clover nectal, lilac, cotton candy, anise or baby fennel. Sweet fresh pecans, or hazelnuts round out the palate. The acidity is elusive at the moment. I cannot pin it down.
The grand men of Savannah must have had such wonderful times in their studies discussing these beauties.
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