18th Century Joao Carlos D'Aguiar

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Into the heady realms of the 18 century. This wine is incredibly well preserved. It was apparently recorked in 1950. It is a beautifully clear golden medium amber with light legs. It is cool on the palate, high toned alcohol fortification that is totally smooth and integrated. It is not recognizable as a pure varietal of Madeira. It has balanced aidity, smokiness, sweetness and body. More towards the Verdelho and Sercial end of the spectrum, with the implied sweetness of caramelized wood and sugar. The boquet is fresh and woody with early spring florals. The palate is also stacked with florals. Clover nectar, lilac, cotton candy, anise or baby fennel. Sweet fresh pecans, or hazelnuts round out the palate. The acidity is elusive at the moment. I cannot pin it down.
The grand men of Savannah must have had such wonderful times in their studies discussing these beauties.


  • Sorry about the double post.

    Some more on this wine. After sitting opened but corked the wine has sweetenened somewhat. The smokiness is peaty. The body is full complex and a pleasure to explore. For a Northerner the only component lacking is the warmth that a great young Madeira throws as it glides down. This wine would be perfect as an afternoon apertife in the West Indies.

    Cheers Karen
  • Hello,

    Deeper into the bottle and still it has incredible depth. The wine is not thinning in character after being opened. Caramel aromas emanate from the glass. The acidity is much like that of bitter chocolate

    Thinking of the date of this wine I an inclined to think late 1700's. JCA & C has bottles ranging in dates from 1715 to 1834. This bottle is so well preserved and the wine well constructed that I believe it was a special vintage. The name Real Reserva Velhissima Madeira is Royal Reserve Old Madeira. No doubt intended for exceptional customers. Fortification of Madeira wines began in the 1750's and this wine is definitely fortified. It is in a blown glass bottle attributed to circa 1840. I think possibly a product of the great 1795 vintage.

  • As I pull the last drops from my glass I am sad that this wine was not at the Great Seattle Wine Tasting. Peter you would have been very impressed with this one.

    The bottom of the bottle is warmer now and very smooth. There is a depth to the palate from sweet to toasted licorice and toffee. The nose is still fragrant and grapey. Very harmonius. The acidity is binary with the remaining volatile alcohols which were never disagreeable.

    I am honored to be among the people to have tasted wines of this age. Oddly I am a solitary enthusiast where I live. I hope that anyone who is interested or has Madeira wines tries them at least once in their lifetime. It is a rare and privilaged experience. Don't forget the history and hard work that the people of Madeira put into producing this incredible wine.

    Obrigada Madeira
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