Meetings in Madeira

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I am a Czech girl (21) leaving this Sunday to Madeira for whole summer. I will be working there and as I am coming alone, I would like to meet new people there.

I am learning portugese but I havent had a chance to practise yet...

I will be working in Paul do Mar (as others have already told me, it s a very quiet village). So I would appreciate to meet you, even if you re not from Madeira. I will try to get to know Madeira as much as possible during that 3 months so if there is somebody willing to make some trips around the island, I would be happy to join you!


  • hi Tereza, I live in the next village and have a car and would also like to go exploring.
    My name is Robert. I'm from California and am also new to the island...are you there?
  • ...and Tereza... here's my e-mail:

    hope to hear from you!
  • hi rob,

    I think you are 4 years late ;)

  • Ah Haa, thank you Antin... I didn't see the date... oh well...
  • Hi rob.. I would love to meet up and explore with you. I am 39yrs old, gay guy and wiill be in madeira in august. Let me know if ur interested in exploring the island with me and having some fun

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