Madeira by ship??

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Hi all

Is it possible to get to Madeira by ship from the UK? My partner hates flying and it would be the only way for us to get there!

I have looked at cruises but I don't want to arrive and spend just a day there, I want to be able to sail to the island for a week and then sail back... does anyone know of any shipping lines that do this?

Thanks in advance.


  • hi madeirafan,

    the only regular ship to Madeira goes to the Canaries

    I believe the trip from UK to Spain to the Canaries to Funchal will last more than a week ;-)

    Regards - Anton
  • Thanks Anton!

    Couldn't understand the site as it seemed not to give a departure port in the UK to Madeira... wouldn't mind spending a week to get there if it meant we could actually go!

    Anyone else got any advice on shipping routes to Madeira from the UK?
  • During my time in Madeira, I remember one of the major wine shippers used to send a representative to Southampton to board cruise liners to give a "seminar" prior to landing first port of call at Funchal. Assumingly if there are spaces on a cruise docking there, an agent would be allowed to gain revenue for a "part cruise". Why not try travel companies in the UK to find out? Good Luck
  • hello madeirafan,

    you could travel from the UK to Cadiz/Spain by train,
    then take the ferry to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    and then the ferry to Funchal

    Regards - Anton

    PS: if you prefer ships you could try
    but there is no ship from the UK to Cadiz/Spain
  • Only during the summer does a ship go toMadeira from Gran Canaria, it is very unlikely you can get there by sea from UK
  • Hi,

    I want to ship a couple of bicycles, a TV, a BBQ, a couple of gas heaters and another few bits to Madeira.

    The quotes I have been getting is quite expensive!

    Anyone got some advice or maybe know of some containder space to share?
  • Hi,

    meanwhile there is a ferry boat from mainland Portugal to Madeira.
    Maybe you can drive a truck by yourself.

  • At the present, Naviera Armas is the best possibility for your non-air travel to Madeira.
    It departs from Portimão, Algarve, Portugal at 1pm every Sunday and, after about 22 hours sailing, it docks in Funchal.
    For your return, Naviera Armas leaves Funchal, to Portimão, at 10:30am every Saturday.
  • That sounds like a fantastic idea. I might look into that myself. I don't have any problems flying, but spending some time at sea might be fun :) I will definitely look into some international health insurance before I go. I have had health problems overseas before. Bad news! :(
  • I used DHL in the end to move all my stuff from the UK to Madeira, worked out the cheapest and quickest way to do it.

    Take a look at BUPA international travel health insurance.
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