1934 Leacock's Bual

edited December 1969 in Madeira Wine

Yes I know another expensive bottle of wine open and consumed. Life it has to be experienced. So the bottle has #101173 JNV seal on it and a back paper label stating bottled in 1986. The cork seemed older than twenty years but I won't quibble.

To say this wine is strong is an understatement. It is heavy, massive and intense. One moment I might say straight treacle, the next straight anise. The nose from the glass is of candied florals and hot alcohol. The mouthfeel is syrupy and the legs are well developed. The acidity is vague as is the heat of fortification, yet this wine is very alcoholic at 20%. It is very sweet, probably the sweetest Bual I have tasted. I don't know when I'm going to feel like having more of this monster. It will never be my favorite but I can appreciate the class and structure of this wine. I also think it is a house style that I respect but again is not my favorite.

Any volunteers to help me finish this one off?

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