Travelling to the Azores

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Hi, when staying in Madeira I would like the possibility of doing two trips, one a week to Porto Santo, I know I can take the ferry, but who flys there and are there packages including the flight, transfer and hotel? Secondly I would like to do a trip to the Azores, is this also possible and again who flys from Funchal to the Azoes? I will be staying in Madeira for 6 months.

Thanks for any advice/links



  • At the moment Sata flies to Porto Santo but the service is to be stopped, not sure who will take it over, if anyone. Ity is possible to fly to the Azores from Funchal, try contacting Top Atlantico or any of the other Travel Agents when you arrive.
  • Thanks for sharing this information,it's very good!
  • Visiting Ponta Delgada, Azores? Have a look at
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