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Does anyone have information on birdwatching opportunities on the island, where to go, what (possibly) to see? I will be in Madeira in mid-October.

Thanks, Phil.


  • They even arrange birdwatching trips with a boat nearby Desestas islands etc...I dont have any adresses for you to ask, but you will find out when you go there. Lots of opportunities to see a rare endemic bird...there is quite limited birdstock there but the endemic ones make it interesting. I do not do birdwatching myself but I know some people who had been there last september and they get large list of birds. Have fun!
  • Thanks Murumelli, added to my holiday file for reference!
  • I have used Madeira Wind Birds last year. They local guides specialized in Birdwatching. Land tours are very exclusive and knowledgeable. You can as well download a checklist from the websites.
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