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I have a new website with information to help buyers, sellers & renters, and also gives information about the Câmaras, utilities and other useful information needed if you are a property owner on Madeira.

Also there are pages for advertising property for sale or for rent, and a property wanted page.


  • I've travelled to Spain before, I was surprised not only by its beautiful scenery but also by its booming real estate. So from then on, I've made up my mind to buy a property in Spain. It is said that Spain's property is very flourishing, more and more foreigners have come to Spain for investing in real estate, such as canary island property and property for sale granada are cited examples, they are very suitable for living. Moreover, we don’t have to worry about money, because we can easily get loans from banks. I wish everyone who likes Spain can buy
    an ideal house in Spain and live a comfortable life.
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  • This site is for Madeira not Spain
  • Location is more important in obtaining the ideal life style than the property itself. There are beautiful properties everywhere. So many people become discontented after just a few months, largely because they did not think their relocation through in the first place. If Spain is to be your home, treating it like a perpetual holiday may be OK for the few, but holidaying in just one place becomes boring, just as continual meals prepared for you, even at a very good hotel or restaurant in time become boring.
    The location and the people you live with can make the important difference. Unless you are very insular, people need people, and in a new country with a new language and customs that means you must make the extra effort. Even if you find learning a new language difficult as I do, you will find the Spanish appreciate the effort regardless of the result. I rely so much on my wife who finds the learning fascinating. Don't become one of those couples who return to their home country within a year totally disillusioned and financially worse off.
  • Although many of these properties have already been reserved for part-time options, the popularity of the island of Madeira means that the flats were often well used and should be checked carefully for potential buyers and many renters.A newly built properties that come on the market and they are good opportunities especially in the medium category. Some of the most popular areas of Madeira, where you can buy and rent property contains Funchal, Santa Cruz, Ribeira Brava and Lobos Camara do.
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