Volunteers wanted!

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Good day!

The website www.madeira4u.com requires volunteers to help to start up and manage information pages about all 11 municipalities of Madeira (including Porto Santo), in order to help promote leisure and tourist activity, customers for local businesses, and to provide general information to english speaking residents / visitors of Madeira.

You will be given a web page (or as many as you need) and without directly advertising, tell the public about your municipality generally, what it has to offer, what events & festas are happening and the dates, current news items, projects underway, nightlife, photos, and anything you think will be of general interest. The page will be linked to an advertising page for businesses in that municipality. Even if you have a one off article to submit or some photographs to display (without copyright issues), we would be pleased to hear from you.

If you are interested, please make contact through the website www.madeira4u.com - thank you!



  • I wish you good luck with that.

    I see that some municipalities already have a website ... and private people or groups are starting to use (free) blogging sites to offer information of their own area where they live.
  • cheers Don, a big ask I know. It would be nice to have all this information in one place in english, as I already have all the Câmara websites on one page (direct through the link below), but they are all in Portuguese of course.

  • Yes ... I agree! I hope you succeed in doing this.

    I have also asked for anyone to write something for the www.madeirablog.eu ... but as it seems nobody feels like writing something. I think a great deal of British people living here on the island don't think its is worth to write anything about Madeira ... but at the same time they are searching for all kind of information on the web ... that has to do with the island.

    Strange enough people who has lot of spare (free) time ... don't want to 'commute' on the web ..... while people, like you an me, who has very little free time ... manage to share information on the web ... when ever possible.

    There are Portuguese locals that are willing to share information through the web ... only they prefer to do it in their own language (of course). The same goes for the French, German and Dutch.

    You know what the funny part is ... I even offered companies so that they can publish an article (that has Madeira as a subject) with a link to their own website ... for free! Response was zilch, nada, none, squat, zippo! Not even for free (?)

    Maybe I should offer a free ticket with GB Airways for Christmas 2008. Would that work? Ah well ... I am not a business person ... just a xxl computer-geek ;-)

    Um abraço
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