1916 Cossart Malmsey

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Hello to those Madeira drinking people who still come to this board.

I just opened a bottle of 1916 Cossart Malmsey. The cork is very narrow and was branded Fine Old Madeira. It was very wet and saturated dispite being stored upright for at least a year. I think this was bottled in the 50's.

The first pour from the bottle was high in fine alcohols, sparkling treacles and smoke and very acidic. I thought I had a Sercial in my glass. It is high toned in the sense of a bright crisp acidity, not varnishy or acetone. The smoke is like fruit tree smoke pear or apple.

I know that this wine will be masssive as it opens up in the later depths of the bottle. The sweetness is buried in the tanginess at the moment and an overall dryness exists like that of grapefruit citrus.

I look forward to posting more on this wonderful wine.



  • Hello,

    I have finished this bottleand I must say it was an atypical Malmsey. The acidity was crisply delineated throughout the bottle down to the last drop. The smokiness was not boldly present as was the sweetness one expects of a Malmsey. The heat of the wine seemed to be a combination of the fortification and the acidity. It was a challenging wine to understand and describe, yet it was quite drinkable.

    Thank you for cchecking this forum. I hope to post more soon.

    Best regards,
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