looking for business partner

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hello !!!
my name is Carlos and from Madeira but living in uk fo about 9 years now.I am married and have 2 boys aged 6 and 2.
I am seriously thinking of retournig to Madeira very soon .
I am at the moment trying to find someone who wants to invest in Madeira with me as my funs are a bit limited.
I have at te moment a project for a alternative transport for tourists that has been already approved by the tourism board but my capital is not a lot.
I am open to new ideas,nice bar?coffe shop ,maybe something conected to the english community or other,w.h.y?
I have the local knowleage of local institutions and how things work and were to go to get them done.
If enyone is interested ,please contact me.
Can wait to be there on 15 december for a month!!!!
thanks evoryone
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