Amigos dos CANHAS _ MADEIRA?

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Eu vivia nos canhas e tenho irmas Nelia e Sonia e um irmao mais pequeno Filipe...E foi para a australia quando tinha 14 anos. Dondes estao os meus amigos dos canhas, Sabes deles? Perdi contacto...podes ajudar?

For those who were born in Madeira but moved to another part of the World, like me when i was 14, it would be good to know whatever happen to certain places and people I used to Know?!

When i left I was living nos Canhas (not far from Ponta do Sol) and there was a pub near by owned by Dos Lucas......and some of my school friends were Zita, Salmao, Lionel, Rita,lourdes,carlos Bruno&ricardo Freitas, micaela freitas too, they all would be between 28-30year old now, and also there was a big supermarket in front of this taxi stand, and many more people I just cant remember their names....and I've lost contact but now that since i have found this site, I just wanted to say ...i miss the good times and im too have some memories and wonder where we are?

It seems it will be a Miracle if anyone would know about this place and people but i would like to hear about you and what you have missed?

Maybe i hear from you soon wherever YOu Are!!!

Take care, and i will keep checking this site ......

Adeus Amigos

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