Swimming in the ocean

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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to swim in the ocean in Madeira (Funchal)?
How warm is the ocean water at the moment (December) and are there any public beaches or something like that near Funchal or anywere in Madeira?


  • There were people swimming in the sea near the Lido yesterday, but I expect it would have been chilly
    There is a public beach in Funchal city but the only golden sandy beach is in the West at Calheta, it is a man made beach. all the others are black volcanic sand
  • There are beach areas all along the coast line, but these are inclined to be very rocky unless you go to one that has a designated swimming area. Ribeira Brava has a black sand beach and Calhetta has golden sand.
    The water temperature is approx 16 or so degrees and although it maybe little cold get into, once you are in it is reasonably warm. It is also warm enough most days to sunbathe although if there is a wind it is a little chilly.
  • Hi all,

    although the temperature of the water is more than 16°C I prefer not to swim ;-)


    Regards - Anton
  • Hi all!

    Thank you for the information so far.
    P.S. macnetz - why wouldn't you swim? As I see from the map, the temp. is around 20degrees? Perfect for swimming, or not?
  • mihkl:

    you can swim perfectly at December but i wouldn't recommend it to say in the water for more than 30 minutes. But that it's me talking that only likes swimimg in a 23-24ºC water in the summer.

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