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  • What is the current rate for taxis on Sunday afternoons from Funchal airport to
    hotel near Casino Parque please, is it better to pre-book or are local taxis reliable? Thankyou
  • The taxi fare from the airport to the Casino is about 25- 30 euros. You should have not problem getting one from outside the arrivals lounge.
  • Thank you, good to have this information, we are really longing for a sunshine break from wet and windy, cold grey London skies!
  • I'm trying to book an airport transfer from Funchal to Sao Vicente by taxi next month.

    The cheapest online seems to be, but they don't have a contact number or email address and their payment page is unsecure. Do you know anything about them? Are they reliable?
  • it is cheaper to rent a car for a day than taxi from airport to s v

    i did that Christmas time

    my cost was half of the holiday taxi rate
  • Sao Vicente is a long way from the airport as Tomstan says but you have limited options as regards getting there. I agree that it will be cheaper to hire a car as the cost is likely to be very high, possibly over €100 but what ever you choose, if it is taxi, be sure and agree a price before getting in the cab as the taxis at the airport do not use their meters. If you are uncomfortable with an insecure payment via internet have a look at and see if there is a taxi company on there.
  • my cost was only 70 E for three days last Christmas day

    tax over 150 one way
  • Anyone interested in a very high quality Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom fitter, Please get in touch.

    I am interested in moving my UK business to Madeira and would be interested in finding out if my services as a fitter and designer would be of interest.

    I am also a very good project manager having owned my own interiors company for over 30 years so this is also a subject that may be of interest to property developers and builders on the island.

    My wife and I have visited nine times and have met with a property developer and the agents dealing with his properties and know we have a high quality product and service.
    I am willing to work with others in order to get on.
  • You will find it very difficult here to run that kind of business, especially because of import duties etc. There are numerous of that kind of outlet and all local. You will also need to be fluent in Portugese. Madeira has huge cash problems at the moment and there is very little new build. You will also find that builders will use their own people for fitting out. Be very careful, there is much unemployment here and many business closing down. You must also realise that you cannot just arrive and set up a business. You have to apply for a licence and pay a bond, this can be a lengthy and costly process with no guarantees.
  • A high quality product and service will mean high prices and people aren't too keen on that nowadays. We're all suffering with the financial mishaps.
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