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Ok... my name is Sally Mendonca and im still looking for my family, My fathers name is Antonio Gabrielle Mendonca, My uncle is called Eduardo Mendonca and he has a wife named Constance (Whose maiden name was Rodrigues) they have a daughter called Mafalda Mendonca born 1976.

I have a relative called Fernando Mendonca and his wife is called Linda (Whose Maiden name was Trinidade) and they have a dayghter called Sarah Mendonca born 1975.

Gloria Rodrigues (Gloria we gather is Constance's sister) married a man called John but not sure of his surname and they had a daughter called Michelle born in Banbury in 1981

My father was last seen in balsall common working in a garage around 8 years ago.
Eduardo used to own a nightclub in worcester and the last i heard most of the family went back to funchal and Eduardo started up a taxi business there.

I aso know they used to lived up in the hills in funchal before they moved to england but i dont know where they moved to when they went back to funchal.

if anyone actually reads these things it will be a miracle but im still trying, any information if possible no matter how small please give me your thoughts. Thank-you


  • Hi Sally,

    don't give up. It took me 9 years to find my relative. But I never knew Madeira existed till a few months ago.


    The site is in portuguese, but If you can find where to email on the site, just write in English and someone will hopefully reply. I found a very helpful lady that way.
    We will be travelling to Madeira and the UK in May

    Cheers Glynda
  • Hi Glynda,

    how did the travelling in Madeira go? i would love to go there, am hopefully planning it for August next year. thank-you for your message and i will go on there as still no luck yet... its almost like they have just disappeared! lol, im actually in the process of getting help from the Salvation Army, so mabey i might have some luck there.

    Kind Regards

    Sally :0)
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