Metal detecting and car hire

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I will arrive on Madeira at end of march, im travelling with metal detector usually so how is with law regulations connected with detecting on island? I'll be happy to contact with some local detectorists.

Also id like to ren a car there but i dont know that cheper is book it online or find offer locally.

And also im looking for detailed maps of Madeira to download for my PDA cause i cannot find maps dedicated for GPS.

Looking for any advices.



  • Hi,

    interesting hobby . . .

    As my hobby is digital cartography you can find all about maps on my Madeira page.
    I prefer renting a car online - even if I'm sitting in Funchal and using the free WiFi network ;-)

    Regards - Anton
  • I'm sure someone will correct me, but I have never heard of anyone detecting in Madeira, so I would either check with the local Police or the Consulate before you go around. Although there are many maps around, very few will show every road because of the complexity of the terraine and new roads which are or have been built.
  • Hi Anton,

    Thanx for link, unfortunatelly i never was good on german.

    Id like to use gps on PDA, i have Asus 636N with inbuid gps so im looking for map for it. I can also use topographic maps - this carta militar sounds great but i cannot download them. If you know other source or have them downloaded please let me know.
  • Hi,

    You don't need German but Portuguese is necessary ;-)
    The carta militar for PDAs is sold for 49EUR by
    That's quite cheap because I payed more than 200EUR to get the paper maps and get them scanned professionally. You can see this map online at

    You can get a good overview using the 1:40000 topo map made by (PDA program included)

    Regards - Anton
  • Thanx for help.
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