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Hi, I'm new on this forum and I need some help: Does anybody know a guy called Sheldon James Gould? He's English and the last info about him was that he's living and working in Madeira in time share at the Royal Savoy. For any info about him please pm me or post on this forum. Thanks a lot!


  • I haven't heard the name, sorry. I have friends in Madeira, I'll ask them.
  • Thanks a lot! This guy owes me a lot of money, he used to work for our company. The Royal Savoy said that he's not working for them anymore but I don't believe it. They only protect him as he's a good salesman (typical bullshitter)!
    He must be known in the gay scene as well.
    I hope you find out something about him! Thanks again.
  • i think i have met him just e-mail me
  • Hi,
    you've really met him? Where? Is he still in Madeira? Please send me more info.
  • Sheldon James Gould is currently working in Dom Pedro Hotels in Vilamoura Algarve, I think that its the same guy that you are looking for, similar things are happening at Dom Pedro him borrowing money from his reps.

    A Telephone number for Dom Pedro is 00351 289 300 700 you will get through to a opperator and you will need to ask for the manager of the international team for DHT and ask for Sheldon, he is usually at work between 10am and 5pm any further information required respond to this ad and i will try to supply more info.

    Sheldons msn address: funchal1976@hotmail.com
  • Thank you very much!
    If you could send me your email I can forward you his photo and more!
    He stole 6,400 Euros from me (our company) and I don't want to let him go!
    I don't want to get in contact with him, I just want our money back and we're willing to pay a nice 'finders fee'!
    My personal email: calima07@yahoo.com
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