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I'm looking for relatives of my Grandfather, Joao de Sousa Andrade, b.1897 in Sao Vicente, Madeira and my Grandmother, Maria Caterina Silva Andrade, b. 1898, Sao Vicente, Madeira. They were married in about 1918, in Sao VIcente.
They emigrated to Fall River, MA in the US in 1921 or so.
My grandmother and father/uncles returned to Sao Vicente in 1927 to live with my grandmother's family, returning to the US in 1935 (my father returned in 1938, I think, staying to finish school in Madeira).
They had three sons: Virgilio (my father), Lionel and Ernesto, all who live/lived in the Fall River, MA area in the US. Only my Uncle Lionel is still alive.
My Grandfather returned to Madeira in 1957, after my Grandmother died, and lived there until his death in 1975 or so.

I have done some genealogical research on both families.
My Grandfather had one brother and two sisters: Theresa (b. 1894), Maria (b. 1888), and Antonio (b. 1891) de Sousa Andrade. His father was Antonio de Sousa Andrade (son of Vicente de Sousa Andrade and Antonia Maria de Sousa), married to Maria Carlota de Sousa Baptista (daughter of Antonio de Sousa Baptista and Carlota Maria D'Andrade).

My Grandmother had two brothers and two sisters: Laurinda (Silva) Diniz (b. 1896), Manuel Narciso da Silva (b. 1900), Joao Narciso da Silva (b. 1904) and Maria (Paisao) Silva (b. 1908). Her father was Manuel Narciso da Silva (son of Jose Narciso da Silva and Antonia de Jesus), married to Augusta Eliza Fernandes (daughter of Francisco Fernandes and Anna Rosa de Jesus).

Any information regarding either the Andrade or Silva branch of my family would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello
    Did you have any luck in obtaining information about your family??

    First let me say that I do not have any information about your family.

    The reason I am writing is because my Father was also born in Sao Vicente and came to the USA circa 1920. Just like your family he emigrated to Fall River, Mass. His name in Sao Vicente was Manual Faria. (Change to Farias when he was registered at Ellis Island)
    Did you have any success in your search? If yes can you tell me from what source?
    My husband and I will be visiting Sao Vicente in October for the express purpose of locating my cousins. My Father had four sisters and two brothers. Three of the sisters became Nuns, the other sister did not marry. One of the brothers became a Franciscan Monk. The other brother who stayed in Sao Vicente married and had six children

    I am an ex native of Fall River native. By any chance did you or any member of your family attend Mt St Mary's Academy?
    I grew up on Denver Street my last Name was Farias. I am now Dolores (Farias) David. I have a brother named Armand who lives in Swansea, and a sister named Bernadette(deceased).
    It is possible that your Uncle and my Farther new each other well.

    Any information that you can give me to help me with my search is welcomed.

    Hope to hear from you

    Thank You
    Dolores Farias David
  • I know you!
    My mother and father were Virgil and Bella Andrade, 27 Alfred St., Fall River, MA.
    I remember your Mom, Aldinha, and Sr. Faria, your Dad, too, on Denver St.
    We used to visit every Christmas!
    For some reason, I even have her birthday in my address book, February 3, 1907.

    I remember your mother singing the Bailinho da Madeira (and her high heels... she was pretty short, as I remember. I was very little (b. 1958) and it seemed she as my height! Your Dad was a big guy, though, at least to me the little kid).
    I think they were also friends of my grandfather, Joao de Sousa Andrade, maybe from the old country, maybe from Fall River, who knows.
    I have a picture of your sister Berny with my Mom from years ago, WW2 era. I'll post it here for you.
    You probably know the rest of my family too, including my godparents, Joe and Rosie Bulhoes, my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Mamie Pestana (my Mom's relatives), and my Aunt Beatrice and Uncle Manny Castro.

    Small world isn't it?

    Thanks for posting to that blog! I never would've guessed!

    Now, as far as your question, one of the best resources on the net for the island is the Madeira Archive, It has a complete record of all the marriages on the island, but baptisms from selected towns and date ranges, not for Sao Vicente, unfortunately.
    I have been doing my research with the Family History Centers run by thew Mormons, here in the Boston area. They have photocopied ALL of the church records for the entire island, including Sao Vicente. There is no index however so I have to go through the film page by page, a time consuming task for sure.
    But through this, I have found more about my father's family from S. Vicente (Silva/Fernandes, de Sousa Andrade/de Sousa Baptista), including other relatives (Pestana de Castro/Fernandes Januario/Brasao), and family friends (Costa, Faria, too).
    It was actually easier to do my mother's family, to a point. They were Pestana/Fernandes from S. Roque, and the baptisms for that parish are online, at least for 1860-1911.

    Hope this helps!
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