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Can someone help with this enquiry please?

"I am a Canadian citizen and we (I and my husband) planning to buy
condo apartment in one of the city close to beach front.
We planning to occupied this condo for three to four months.
Can we rent out this condo to other parties for the remaining months?
What is average price for 1-bedroom or 2 bedroom?"

I think they need a licence for tourist rentals ... is that a difficult thing to obtain? Thanks a lot. Der


  • This may be a stupid answer, but do you think they mean Madeira in the States, only wondered because of the mention of a condo (which is American/Canadian) and of course beach.
  • Hi Der,

    Put them in touch with me if you like, I can give them the answers in comparison to Canadian situations.

  • I have checked Flowergirl, and it's definately Madeira Island

  • Oh right, well I wonder if they realise that the beach in Funchal is black volcanic sand. As I understand it, there is a limit to the number of holiday beds allocated to each area, and I would assume that Funchal is at saturation point!! However, I also believe that they would have to be licenced which , I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, can be a lengthy and expensive process with no guarantees of success. You can only get a 'quicky' licence for a business not connected directly to tourism
    Hope this helps
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