Francisco Pestano genealogy

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Hi, I'm of Italian origin, but through DNA analysis, I've found that I may have an ancient relationship through a common ancestor (~500 A.D.) to someone of the Portuguese Pestano surname. Someone with this name tested his y-DNA with SMGF, and he is descended from a Franciso Pestano who was born in Portugal in 1905 and died in Rio, Brazil in 1979. I would really like to contact him to verify DNA results. Thank you much for any help you can give me.


  • Vinnie,
    Looking at your post, I see that you could be related to me. My mother's mother was a Pestana (with an "a", not an "o", in proper Portuguese... it means eyelash is Portuguese, BTW), from Sao Roque on Madeira.
    There are indeed a lot of Pestanas from Madeira. Not sure how they emigrated there, but it seems like early on in the islands history, 1600s or so.

    I was curious, though: where did you get the DNA testing done?
    Were they good? Would you recommend them?
    Sounds like you did get some interesting info.

    Good luck in your quest.
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