Est Calhetta Church

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Hi I would like to communicate with the offices at Est Calhetta Catholic church can anybody give me their email address. Thanks Charmaine


  • hi charmaine,
    i don't know if you still need this information. i just came across your post. the name of the church in estreito da calheta is nossa senhora da graca. i'm not sure how to contact the church, but you can write to the civil registry to request documents, if that's what you're looking for. their address is:
    concervatorias do registo civil
    concelho da calheta
    9370 calheta madeira portugal
    you need to indicate exactly what you need and that you need them from nossa senhora da graca. there is another parish in calheta called espirito santo and you have to know which parish you actually need your documents from. you would request those from the same civil registry as estreito da calheta.
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