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Hi all I am busy with our family tree and have done as much as I could from South Africa my next step is to contact somebody at the Catholic church in Estreita Calhetta where my ancestors were born. As I dont speak Portuguese does anybody know a English speaking person at the church or in the town I could contact to give me some advice as what to do. I will be visiting Madeira sometime this year or early next year.

I would really appreciate it if I could get some help with this.

Thank you



  • I think I can help. Would need more details though. My Compadre is from Calheta. Also my partners in Business are from calheta. Please send as much information you can for me to probe further.
  • Yes, please provide more info. I may know someone who can help.
  • Hi thank you very much I really appreciate your response if you could help in any way I will be forever gratefull.

    Apparently the family had a nickname = Carapantana, I dont know about the correct spelling I wrote it as you say it.

    My father is Manuel Gonsalves Jardim born 26 December 1916
    His father Antonio Gonsalves Jardim born 25 July 1896
    His Mother Antonia de Jesus born approximately 1982

    His fathers father Manuel Gonsalves Jardim born ???
    His faters mother Maria Pereira born ??

    His mothers father Antonia Pereira Rosa born ???
    His mothers mother Rosa de Jesus born ???

    My mother was born in South Africa but her father was born in Est Calhetta
    My mothers father Joao Teixeria born 27 February 1879
    His father Manuel Teixeira born ??
    His mother Luiza de Jesus ??

    His fathers father Manuel Teixeira Porrescas born ??
    His mothers father Antonia de Jesus born ??

    His mothers father Jose Ferreira born ??
    His mothers mother Maria de Jesus born ??

    Thank you once again

  • Hi there Charmaine.

    I stumbled across this post as I am doing research into my own family tree.

    It seems we have some common ancestors.

    My great grandfather is Manuel Teixeira-Porrescas (mentioned above > born in 1894 in Est de Calhetta).

    My grandfather's name is Joao (Johnny) Teixeira-Porrescas, born to Manuel's second wife Rachel Jankowitz

    Since your post, have you found any more info??

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