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My name is Michelle Pita. I am from South-Africa. My dad Fernando Goncalves Pita was born in Funchal, Madeira on the 19 December 1945. His dad is Joao Goncalves Pita. Last known address: Sitio do Val & Cava do Pico Frequesia dos Canhas, Funchal, Madeira.

Brother with the names Daniel Goncalves Pita. Last known address: Bodega Lanto Roita Cale, Pondres Beio No 8, El Limon, Marcacau, Venezuela.

My dad left his family and went to South-Africa when he was ±16 years old. The last communication was in ±1974 between him and his family.

The thought of not knowing what happened to his family is slowly but surely having it's mark on his life. My dad is turning 63 this year.

We are trying to find his family. To see if we can make contact with them and re-unite them, if possible.

If anyone can help us, please reply to: michellea@prokventer.co.za

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