Places to visit???

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I will be visiting Madeira for the first time in August and have been told that there is actually not much to do there?

Is this true?

Can anyone reccommend places to visit also any good nightlife?

Looking at event lists i cant find much in August between the 4th and 11th...does anyone know of anything between these dates?


  • August is set for celebrations as Funchal is 500 years old.
    there are a few nightclubs around,usual open time is around mid-night i believe,daytime well there is horse riding ,scuba diving,big game fishing,jet skis,canoeing,
  • 500 years old... wow!! Do you know any more information on this? Its sounds great thank you for that!
  • Have you looked at and for some ideas? It's really worthwhile hiring a car, too many people book a half day taxi tour of the Island and think that's it - they have seen it. Why not head West from Funhal and turn off the Rapida at junction 3 - take the lift down to Faja dos Padros an Island on an Island is how it is described - there is a good restaurant for snacks/lunch down there, then head into the mountains or follow the coast road around the Island stopping at all the villages on the way, Jardim do mar is particularly quaint.
  • I have made a note of all those places thank you very much for your ideas and i will hire a car and visit those!!! :-)
  • If you look at the size of Madeira, you can hardly imagine that this island has so much to offer! From many historical monuments, squares and streets in the capital of Funchal to enchanting gardens, picturesque villages, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanic caves, rugged coast lines, beautiful natural beaches and, last but not least, breathtaking views, there is so much to see that you will soon realize that one visit to Madeira just isn’t enough!
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