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My parents were born and raised in Madeira but left in the mid 1960's. My dad has always said that that was the biggest mistake he ever made... One day, after a few too many drinks, I watched him shed some tears of regret and longing for his real home. I was raised as a Portuguese person and I've always been interested in the Portuguese/Madeira culture and food and would love to spend a few months on the island to get to know the culture and the language, the people and their way of living and doing business.

A few years ago our family went on holiday to Madeira and I really enjoyed it - but it wasn't enough time to really get to know the place and its history and culture. And being there on holiday for a week or two is different to living there for a while.

Accommodation is not a problem as my parents still own a lovely home in Santa Cruz and I still have lots of relatives there who would welcome me with open arms - but I'd prefer to look after myself and pay my own way. I do have a Portuguese passport and Bilhete de Identidade.

I'm a computer programmer and photographer by trade and work with various Internet technologies every day. What kind of employment would I be able to find in Madeira? Is there any demand for technical people in Madeira - or is it mostly oriented towards the tourism trade? My first language is English but I also speak Portuguese (although not fluently).


  • thats well you are fluent in english and have IT skills. my chump is also a web developer. as he said it depends what web technologies are you using. now what the current most technologies are they using. do you have???
    you will find many IT Job Opportunities in Madeira. you may have a look on different job portals in Madeira.
  • Thanks.
    Do you have the web addresses for the job portals that you mentioned?

    I'm not actively looking for work in Madeira (I'm not ready to move to Madeira at this stage of my life), but it would be nice to know what is available.

    Do the companies in Madeira employ people on a contract (temporary) basis, or is it mostly all permanent employment?

    I've worked woth the following technologies:

    - Oracle
    - Microsoft SQL Server
    - MySQL

    Web Technologies
    - ASP
    - HTML
    - Javascript
    - VBScript
    - CSS
    - PHP
    - Ajax

    - Visual Basic 6
    - Transact SQL & PL/SQL
    - Apaché & IIS
    - AWK
  • initially they employee on testing period which may long 3-6 months also depending on your performance. after that you will have permanent one. famous portal is i am also using this portal you will find here a lot IT job opportunities.
  • Thanks... But with the mess that the world economy is in I'm happy to stay here where I am! But it's interesting to see what's out there...
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