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Is nothing happening this year?


  • Do people read this forum to receive information on events or not?
  • Madeira Wine Festival 5th, 6th and 7th September

    Columbus Festival

    This festival recalls the discoverer’s life in the Madeira Archipelago, his voyages to the Americas and the glorious times of the Great Discoveries.

    The highlight of this week crammed with history is the re-enactment of Columbus’ and his party’s arrival in Porto Santo’s harbour.

    October 08
    November 08
    December 08
    January 09

    14th November to 6th January 2009
    Christmas & New Year’s Activities

    when the colourful illuminations are switched on in the city’s main streets and lasts all through December to end only with Epiphany on January 06th.

    Already from mid-November on Funchal’s streets are magnificently decorated with innumerable colourful lights put up in motifs relating to the island and the festive season.

    New Year’s Eve is celebrated everywhere. The highlight of the New Year’s Eve festivities are spectacular fireworks – set off from approximately 50 posts – that illuminate the skies over Funchal for the duration of about ten minutes. This is a truly unforgettable event, which brings back a multitude of visitors to the island each year.
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