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Hi Help needed please, can you tell me is the sea warm enough to snorkel in(not in wetsuits)at the moment. We are coming out to Calheta area next week and would like to know if it's worth us carrying our snorkelling gear/flippers etc. Also are jackets needed in the evenings?
Advice much appreciated


  • hi, i've been scuba diving in madeira this time of year.

    going down to 20metres gets a little nippy but i think that snorkling should be ok.

    if you get any problems you could always go to the sports shop in madeira shopping were they sell thin wet suits

    hope this helps
  • The temperature of the sea is 23 degrees off Calheta at the moment. It is curently also dead calm, if that is of any relevance. Hope that helps!
  • Forgot to say, at present t-shirts are all that is needed even in the evening. Last night, for example, the temp was 21 at 9.00pm. I haven't yet resorted to a jumper or jacket for months. There is a distinct lack of formality here, unless you are staying at a very prestigious place. Enjoy your trip!
  • Thanks Will and Andrew, really helpful replies.
    It looks as though we'll be taking the snorkelling gear.
  • if your interested in scuba diving just drop me an email and i can put you in touch with a very good dive centre
  • sorry forgot to mention heres a few pics of the dives
  • Hi Will
    Thanks for the pics, I doubt we will be doing any scuba diving this trip though, it's primarily for a property search for us.
    Thanks anyway
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