Saldenha Family

Any other Saldenhas out there? I visited the Arquivo Regional da Madeira in July 2013 and found my great great grandfather's name (Gaudencio Saldenha) on a ship's passenger list leaving Madeira in 1872, headed to Guyana.


  • I think that your family name is Sardinha, not Saldenha. There are some Saridnhas in from Madeira. Go to and do a search on the weddings on the island, the most complete of their databases.
    BTW, Rapage could be a misspelling of the Portuguese for "boy".
  • Thanks for this information -- it's very intriguing!
  • The name could also be Saldanha... And I agree, "Rapage"is not a name at all, "rapaz"is portuguese for "boy", it could be that... There are plenty of Saldanhas and Sardinhas in Madeira, but it will be next to impossible to find out which ones are your relatives, after all this time!
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