Grandfather Manoel Gonzales Jardim or Jardine

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Please can you help me I'm looking for info on my family tree. My grandfather Manuel Gonzales Jardim was born in 1896 @ Madeira?
He came to South Africa??????. He got married to Agnes Emanuel date don't know.
There was 3 kids 1 son Jose Jardine 1927 1 daughter Isabel Agnes Jardine 1928 1 daughter Silvia Jardine 1926.
Because I would like to apply for a Portuguese passport and I need info before I can apply.

Thank you



  • dear Joan,
    I did a search at for your grandfather.
    I did find one passport entry for Manuel Gonçalves Jardim, from Estreita da Calheta going to Cabo-RSA in 1902. It seems from the entry that he was traveling alone (probably unmarried at the time).
    Since Calheta is not in the baptismal database, I cannot find his baptismal date.
    Also, unless he was married in Madeira, unlikely since he traveled to RSA alone, I would not be able to get his marriage info as well.
    You could get more info from Calheta, now that you know he is from there.
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