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Hi I am looking for any family in Madeira that were related to Maria Menezes from Est. da Calheta. I live in South Africa and am struggling to get my Portuguese passport, I need to get my Grand Mothers Maria Menezes Birth Certificate.


  • Hi there

    Its quite a process to find the file.
    I had the same issue originally, but i found the Arquivo regionale de Madeira (RAM) to be the best source for initial research.

    There is an English and Portuguese version.

    You can search Baptism records, passports, etc.

    They dont have everything, but they do have a massive database with the info.
    You can then locate the document or archive that you need, and request they send you a copy.

    That would be your best first step.
  • Hi I am family of a Maria Menezes of Est Calhetta and has a copy of her birth certificate if you could send me the date of birth and her childrens names to make sure it is the right one I could maybe help
  • I am looking for my Grand Mother's (de Fransisco) sister , Alexandrina , she was supposed to have married a Menezes , Alexandrina would have been one of many children and she for waht ever reason was left behind I Madeira, her parent had migrated to the west indies (Trinidad and Guyana). Her familiy is listed below.

    Father: Manuel Francis (de Francisco) from Calheta or Funchal
    1868 – 28 Feb 1932
    Mother: Alexandrina Francis ( nee: Dos Santos)
    1877 – 22 Dec 1961

    Children were.

    Emanuel: Last known to be in USA
    Alexandrina: Born Guyana.
    John: Last known to be in USA.
    Married Clarice Nacimento
    Bernice , Julian, Adrian, Herman, Eron, Desmond.
    Mary-Anne: (Annie) married to Golddavies.
    Charles , Syble , Jena, Mervin , Ainsley , Eagan
    Tony: Born Madeira
    Magda ,Aileen, Lester, Compton, Diana, Eron.
    Madelene: Born Guyana.


    If this rings a bell with you or you might have any information regarding a possible connection between , Alexandrina and Menezes , I would be greatfull. I would be the great great nephew of Alexandrina , grand son to Clothide who had visted her in Madeira in the 1960s I believe 1963.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Ian Hutchinson
  • my crand-mother was maria rosa menezes she must been born around 1870s and lived in tabua ribeira ribeira brava we my even be relatede but all her sons and daughters passed away i don't have anyone alive that i can ask hope someone out there can help you mary-jo
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